Semi -trailers can be produced on a self – supporting or frame option as well as stainless steel one.

We produce tankers for liquid foodstuffs transportation requiring heating systems  and others – not subjected to ADR regulations.

The tankers are either supported by a full frame (full frame on 3-axle semi -trailer) or self – supporting ones  (3 – axle semitrailer which gives mass reduction of ca. 600 kg)


General specification of semi- trailers:


  • capacity up to 34.000 l
  • circular cross section
  • number of compartments – according  to Customer’s needs (3 compartments
    as a standard)
  • internal tank made of stainless steel i.e. AISI304, AISI316 , AISI316Ti
  • external jacket made of stainless steel AISI 304, polished (so called”mirror”),
    BA, Aluminium or GFK
  • bottoms made of plastic acc. to RAL colours palette
  • top manholes with insulated covers equipped with vent valves
  • supporting elements (rungs) made of stainless steel AISI 304 – in case of self – supporting semi –  trailers   and ordinary steel protection against corrosion in the hot – dip galvanizing process for frame of semi trailers
  • insulated with mineral wool, styrofoam or polyurethane foam of 100 mm thickness
  • central CIP cleaning system, washing head in each compartment,
    at each branch on the washing head the shut-off valve and/or designed to be washed at CIP stations
  • optionally: for products demanding to be transported with a higher temperature (i.e. oil or chocolate) – heating system using independent heating unit or engine cooling system for a tractor unit
  • temperature measurement by means of a clock temperature socket
  • service platform with a handrail lifted by a ladder lever


  • transport containers for loading hoses
  • transport hoses
  • fender rails – side crossbars protecting the tank’s jacket against hoses while loading from the top
  • pumps dedicated to unload the tank from the product: membrane, rotor, cam, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic drive


  • pressure tank with the ability to be unloaded by air (Technical passport)
  • ATP Certificate (Certificate of Conformity with the Agreement concerning International carriage of fast expiring food products and special means
    of transport used for these transports
  • chassis – according to the Customer’s needs